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One-Stop Reintegration Services

Balikabayanihan Campaign
Balikabayanihan Campaign
Frequently Asked Questions

This is a campaign to mobilize the widest support to help in the reintegration of OFWs. It is  a multi-stakeholder partnership between national and local government, NGOs, OFW organizations and private organizations  to be able to provide integrated  one stop reintegration services. 

Balikabayanihan volunteers and partners can provide the following support:
  1. Training on financial literacy, reintegration, skills training and starting your business or re-strategizing your business.
  2. Mentoring on reintegration planning and starting your business
  3. Psychosocial counseling and training
  4. Link to jobs, business opportunities, supply chain, market and other support services
  5. Information on grants, loans and other financial services
  6. Other services
  1. Repatriated OFWs and their families who were displaced because of Covid 19
  2. OFW returnees who came home in the last 3 years and their families whose livelihood is affected by Covid 19
  3. OFW owned group business, social enterprise, cooperatives which were affected by Covid 19

Register at under OFW Information for individuals or OFW organization for group business or social enterprises and provide all the necessary information so that you can be referred to appropriate partners from government, NGOs, private organization that can provide assistance.

Registration is free .  All government services are free.  Most of the services of the NGOs and private sector are free.  In some cases there will be minimum counterpart which is not more than 10% of the actual cost of the services provided.

You can write to to request for further assistance or send personal message to Balikabayanihan via FB messenger.   Balikabayanihan FB Page will also be set-up for the OFWs and their families share stories of success and challenges.

Register at and fill out Volunteer Information for individuals or Partner Organizations Information for organizations.  Please provide the detailed information including contact details for the services.  The information provided by organizations will be posted in the Balikabayanihan Website.

The services to be provided to the OFWs and their families from partner organizations should be free.  If counterpart is required, only 10% of the cost for services can be charged to OFWs and families.

Partner organizations are allowed to secure sponsors to pay for the services provided for free to OFWs and families.  A MOU template between partner organization and sponsors will be provided by Balikabayanihan.  A copy of the signed MOU will be submitted to Balikabayanihan for recording of contributions generated by all organizations.  This will be reflected as in-kind contribution of partner organizations.

The  OFWs sign a commitment form to ensure that they agree to the terms and conditions of the training, mentoring and other services.

The volunteers signs a commitment form and the partner organizations sign a Memorandum of Understanding that shall indicate the services the organizations commit to Balikabayanihan.

A Balikabayanihan Facebook Page (Closed Group) will be set up to be able to share  information, challenges and success stories.   A quarterly webinar will also be scheduled to share information and suggestions to mentors and partner organizations.