Balikabayanihan Campaign


One-Stop Reintegration Services


Reintegration Focal Persons:

Region 4A

Sheryl Briton–Caya
FB: owwarwoiva
FB: Avelina Sheryl Briton-Caya

NRCO-Region 4A

Mark Medrana


  • 1 day Entrepreneurial Development Training (EDT)
  • Women REACH Program
    Women Reintegrated and Economically Active At Home
    Enterprise Development Training for Distressed Women
  • Financial Literacy

Grants / Loans

Balik Pinas-Balik Hanap-buhay (Php 20,000)


Application Form
Certificate of EDT
Business Plan/Proposal approved by RWO Director indicating sustainability / feasibility of the chosen livelihood undertaking
Proof of repatriation or return to the Philippines (passport or travel documents, airline ticket)
LDAP – Livelihood Development Assistance Program (LDAP)

10k for undocumented workers

Tulong Pangkabuhayan sa Pag-unlad ng Samahang OFWs (Tulong Puso)

One-time grant assistance and other support services to support formation, enhancement or restoration of livelihood projects/ undertaking of OFW organizations – grant amount – 250k – To be updated after the revision of requirements

Reintegration Loans

OFW-EDLP with Landbank / DBP
interest rate -7.5%

Working Capital or Fixed Asset Acquisition

20% equity of the Total Project Cost
Individual loan amt – 100k-2M
Group – 100k-5M


Short-term – max of 1 year
Term Loan: based on cash flow but not exceed 7 years inclusive of maximum of 2 years grace period

Collateral – object of financing , project assets and other assets of borrower
Eligible projects- franchising business/ contract tie-up with top 1000 corporations / agri-non-agri production / manufacturing / construction / rental business / service / trading / transport / any viable project whether existing or new

Enterprise should generate cash flow sufficient to pay the projected amortization of the loan


OWWA member/ active or non-active
Enhanced Enterprise Development Training


Job referrals
Sa Pinas Ikaw ang Ma’am Sir (SPIMS for teacher)

Business Plan Competition for Sea-based – NRCO-ISP Business Plan Competition


Sec. William D. Dar
8928.8756 to 65 / 8920.3986

Regional Directors:

CAR: Dr. Cameron P. Odsey
074 445 4973 / 0917 507 2141 / 0921 465 2478

Region I: Lucrecio R. Alviar, Jr.
072 888 2085 / 0917 874 3511

Region II: Narciso A. Edillo
078 396 1328 / 0905 320 5552 / 0977 820 9827

Region III: Crispulo G. Bautista
045 961 3472 / 0917 145 0567

Region IVA: Arnel V. De Mesa
02 928 5375 / 0917 508 2455

Region IVB: Antonio G. Gerundio
02 927 4350 / 0917 797 7150

Region V: Rodel P. Tornilla
054 477 0381 / 0947 998 7682

Region VI: Remelyn R. Recoter
033 337 8812 / 033 336 4604 / 0917 892 7525

Region VII: Atty.Salvador Diputado
032 268 5167 / 0918 807 7809

Region VIII: Angel C. Enriquez /
053 321 2024 / 0906 229 1777

Region IX: Rad Donn L. Cedeño
062 992 3201 / 0917 841 6196

Region X: Carlene C. Collado
088 856 6871 / 0926 009 9546

Region XI: Engr. Ricardo M. Oñate, Jr.
082 224 0284 / 0917 794 6868

Region XII: Arlan Musa Mangalen

Region XIII: Abel James I. Monteagudo /
085 341 2047 / 0322 841 6761

BARMM: Minister Mohammad S. Yacob
064 421 1234 / 064 421 1248 / 0908 875 0608


Training Programs

  1. Skills Training along the value chain (production to marketing), Social Preparation and Values Formation
  2. Climate resilient food and farm production technologies and value chain approach
  3. Farmers Field School
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Farm Business School
  6. Climate Smart Farm School
  7. Project Proposal Development
  8. Financial Literacy Trainings

Scholarship Programs

Youth Empowerment through a Sustainable (YES) Program
Educational assistance for students taking degree courses in agriculture and agricultural bio systems engineering (EASY Agri)

e-Extension Programs

  1. e-Learning (

Free online courses on:

  1. Crops – 34 courses
  2. Livestock – 13 courses
  3. Marine & Fisheries – 3 courses
  4. Social Technology – 8 courses
  5. Sustainable Agri – 8 courses
  6. Webinars on various agricultural technologies
  7. Urban Agriculture
  8. Container Gardening
  9. Organic Concoctions
  10. Hydroponics
  11. Mushroom Production, etc.
  12. e-Farming thru Farm Business Advisory Services via the Farmers’ Contact Center (0920 946 2474)

Establishment of Learning Site for Agriculture

  1. Learning Site for Agriculture (LSA) and School for Practical Agriculture (SPA)1
  2. Extension Service Providers (ESP)2

Career Development and Management Services Section Chiefs:

Charlie M. Sagudan
0937 455 0205 /
(074) 422-2317

Region I:
Jovito M. Laca
0995 419 3819 / (075) 523-2266

Region II:
Rosalinda B. Lucero
0966 152 9550

Region III:
Elsa F. Victoria
0916 562 6497

Region IVA:
Romeo D. Rodil
0927 686 9357 / (046) 419-0210
Lizbeth L. David
0928 250 8216

Region IVB:
Cristina G. Magnaye
0939 931 2418

Region V:
Frankilin Bel T. Isip
0917 974 9660

Region VI:
Mary Anne A. Ramos
0908 874 1750 / (036) 267-5951

Region VII:
Ma. Gracia S. Pungay
0906 491 9442

Region VIII:
Dalmacio L. Pajanustan
0917 309 6488

Region IX:
Oscar Victor D. Buot
0950 800 5241

Region X:
Teodosia D. Jaraba
0905 221 3109

Region XI:
Ofelia A. Sanchez
0919 979 0114 / (084) 823-0557

Region XII:
Simona P. Dela Cruz
0975 120 7414 / (083) 229-1023

Region XIII:
Violeta T. Laguna
0907 575 2465

International Training Center on Pig Husbandry:
Amy G. Eguia
0929 318 2830 / 0926 616 5748

1 Learning Site for Agriculture (LSA) and School for Practical Agriculture (SPA)

Development of rural farms by certifying them as model sites
Provision of grants

2 Extension Service Providers (ESP)

Accreditation of organized institutions to become ESP that serve as partners in provision of extension services to farmer and fishers

Grants / Loans

Expanded SURE-Aid & Recovery Project (for Micro and Small Enterprises and Marginalized, Small Farmers and Fishers)3

Agri-Negosyo (ANYO)4

Kapital Access for Young Agripreneurs (KAYA))5

Dir. Jocelyn Alma Badiola /
(02) 8634 33 20 to 31 / (02) 8636 3391 to 93

Regional Agricultural Credit Desk Officers:

CAR: Florena Pedro
074 665 5675 / 0927 854 9187

Region I: Ma. Christine de Leon
0918 935 5198

Region II: Jacklyn Calaycay
078 304 2234 / 0917 770 8730

Region III: Maricel Dullas /
0928 917 5135

Region IVA: Lucia Atienza – Campomanes
0917 426 5623 / 0918 929 3477 / 02 928 9306

Region IVB: Nida M. San Juan
0905 336 3389

Region V: Adelina A. Losa
054 477 2122 / 0949 446 2221

Region VI: Maria Teresa Solis
033 337 1227 / 0947 159 8174

Region VII: Gerry Avila
0917 631 1655

Region VIII: Evelyn Mionda
053 321 7669 / 0321 976 7434

Region IX: Ana Aying
0919 846 9622

Region X: Chedy V. Ansale
088 856 2753 to 55

Region XI: Janet F. Dobli
082 226 3625 / 0925 884 6875

Region XII: Abdulkadil I. Ango
0907 385 2540

Region XIII: Lynn Pareñas
085 342 4092 / 0921 640 1402

BARMM: Sweb Guialal
064 421 7933 / 0927 204 3748

3 Expanded SURE-Aid & Recovery Project (for Micro and Small Enterprises and Marginalized, Small Farmers and Fishers)

Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs)
Up to P 10M loanable amount
Zero (0%) interest rate
Payable up to five (5) years
Marginalized, Small Farmers & Fishers (MSFF)
P25,000 loanable amount per household
Zero (0%) interest rate
No collateral
Payable up to ten (10) years

4 Agri-Negosyo (ANYO)

Micro Agri Negosyo
Up to P 300,000 loanable amount
Zero (0%) interest rate
Depends on the cash flow of the project, but not to exceed five (5) years
Small Agri Negosyo
From P 300,000 up to P 15M loanable amount
Zero (0%) interest rate
Depends on the cash flow of the project, but not to exceed five (5) years

5 Kapital Access for Young Agripreneurs (KAYA)

KAYA Program will finance capital requirements of start up or existing agri based projects of young entrepreneurs and agri fishery graduates aged 18-30 years.
Up to P 500,000 loanable amount
Zero (0%) interest rate
Depends on the cash flow of the project, but not to exceed five (5) years


Market Assistance

Asec. Kristine Evangelista /
(02) 8920 2216

CAR: Jocelyn Beray

Region I: Rhoda Galvan
0927 386 6528
Corazo Valdez
0906 056 6934

Region II: Ma. Rosario Paccrangan /
0917 568 0659

Region III: Maricel Dullas /
0943 664 5915

Region IVA: Editha Salvosa
0918 690 7307 / 0919 849 8163

Region IVB: Shirley Tomas
0919 381 6677

Region V: Patrocinio Collao I
0912 592 1776

Region VI: Rhea Cristina Resol
0908 888 7413

Region VII: Gerry Avila
0917 545 4534

Region VIII: Francisco Ocado
0995 061 4736

Region IX: Jonah Lyn Corpuz
0917 164 4422

Region X: Chedy V. Ansale
0917 422 2537

Region XI: Melinda Rubellano
0943 599 8568

Region XII: Dina Casa
0912 389 3687

Region XIII: Rey Frias
0999 335 5617 / 0938 728 4555

BARMM: Jalika Mangacop
0966 915 8304


Directory of DTI Regional Directors

Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR)

Region 1 – Ilocos Region

Region 2 – Cagayan Valley Region

Region 3 – Central Luzon


Region 4B – MIMAROPA

Region 5 – Bicol Region

Region 6 – Western Visayas

Region 7 – Central Visayas

Region 8 – Eastern Visayas

Region 9 – Zamboanga Peninsula

Region 10 – Northern Mindanao

Region XI – Southern Mindanao

Region XII – Soccsksargen


National Capital Region Office (NCRO)

For complete Directory of DTI Regional / Provincial Directors, refer to pages 7-11 of DTI Directory of Officials

Directory of Negosyo Centers:


PTTC Global MSME Academy. Online trainings and resources are now more accessible as DTI’s Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC) becomes the new administrator of the ASEAN SME Academy (also known as PTTC Global MSME Academy). It is a one-stop multi-platform online learning and information resource, which aims to provide training and mentorship to enhance ASEAN SMEs capabilities to grow and compete regionally and internationally.

The Academy offers around 50 training courses on finance/accounting, management, marketing, operation, technology, and trade/logistics. About 350 relevant links to business information and access to a directory of service providers to whom SMEs can reach out for financial advice, corporate programs and networking are also available through, with link at the PTTC’s website,

CTRL + BIZ: Reboot Now!. The DTI, through its E-commerce Office, offers a series of FREE webinars that are targeted to MSMEs who need to transform their business digitally. Enablers across the entire E-Commerce ecosystem will provide their expertise and experiences on how to take advantage of the digital space. Visit DTI E-commerce Facebook page for more updates on their schedule of sessions:

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA)’s Scholarship Programs amounting to PhP3 billion will support affected and temporarily displaced workers through upskilling and reskilling. It is also offering free courses for all who would like to acquire new skills in the convenience of their own homes, mobile phones and computers through the TESDA Online Program.

The TESDA Online Program (TOP) is an open educational resource that aims to make technical education more accessible to Filipino citizens through the use of information and communication technologies. TOP provides an effective and efficient way to deliver technical education and skills development services to a broader audience/wide range of users/all learners at a lesser cost. You may visit for more information.

Contact TESDA at 8887-7777 or e-mail: for more information on this program.

EasyBuilder.Pro, a partner of the DTI, is waiving subscription fees for MSMEs for developing a website using their platform. MSMEs just need to register using the promo code: 7THH1-07X0-38MG-2189 which should be
activated before August 1, 2020.

EasyBuilder.Pro is a website building platform specifically designed to enable non-IT professionals to create a website for their business and personal needs. It offers a range of templates for different purposes, such as webpages for hobbies, events and businesses, as well as providing web hosting.

Creating websites using platforms like the Easybuilder.Pro could be a powerful tool to immediately assist MSMEs to digitalize their retail operations, remain connected to people, or even work remotely from the comforts of their homes during this challenging time.

Visit their website or contact BSMED at for more information on how to avail this.

DTI MSME Materials – these are information materials usually disseminated to our clients during activities and events:
a. DTI’s 7Ms-
b. Negosyo Serbisyo sa Barangay-
c. BMBE Primer-
d. Simulan Mong Mag-Negosyo flyer-
e. Start Your Own Business- Handbook-
f. Start an Online Business-
g. Magnegosyo Online-

Information materials which our office recently developed to provide ideas on venturing into online businesses suitable to the current situation

Or, find more materials in our MSME Publications link:

Go Negosyo offers free online mentoring activities from 11 am- 12:30 pm, 3:00 pm- 4:30 pm (online mentoring activity with MSMEs and mentors), and 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm. Visit their page at:

Grants / Loans

COVID-19 Assistance to restart Enterprises (CARES) Program. A P1.0 billion Enterprise Rehabilitation Financing (ERF) facility under the Pondo sa Pagbabago at Pag-asenso (P3) has been set up through the Small Business Corporation (SB Corp.) to support micro and small businesses affected by COVID-19 pandemic. The microfinancing program of the SB Corp., which usually offers loans ranging from PhP5,000 – PhP200,000 with a minimal interest rate of not more than 2.5% per month with no collateral requirement, will extend its service to small enterprises. Micro enterprises with asset size of not more than PhP3.0 million may borrow PhP10,000 up to PhP200,000 while Small enterprises with asset size of not more than PhP10 million may borrow a higher loan amount but will not exceed PhP500,000. Contact the P3 hotline: (02) 8651-3333 or email / for more information on how to avail the program. You can also visit the SB Corp.’s facebook page o CARES Program Flyers: o Application Form Link:


Negosyo Centers (NC) in all provinces, cities and municipalities serve as one-stop shops for various entrepreneurship assistance to promote ease of doing business and facilitate access to services for MSMEs.

Kapatid Mentor ME Program (KMME) aims to produce confident entrepreneurs with the right mindset and business knowhow through a coaching and mentoring approach where large corporations teach MSEs on different aspects of business operations.

Youth Entrepreneurship Program (YEP) is a comprehensive package of interventions to help and encourage young Filipinos to develop their entrepreneurial skills. (YEP flyer:

SME Roving Academy (SMERA) is a regional road show that will bring together national government and private sector institutions whose programs are designed to promote entrepreneurship, improve access to credit and markets, and increase productivity and efficiency of MSMEs. Through NCs, this program aims to improve access of MSMEs to government and private sector services particularly on areas where provision of business development services may be limited.

Green Economic Development (GED). With the assistance of the GIZ Philippines, the DTI has also capacitated the MSMEs to improve their business operations to be more environment-friendly and climate-smart.

Strengthening Disaster Resilience among MSMEs. This is a public-private partnership spearheaded by DTI for the development and implementation of policies, strategies, programs, and activities necessary to carry out a roadmap for MSME Disaster Resilience which will institutionalize mechanisms for helping MSMEs prepare for and recover from disasters.

Industry Cluster Enhancement (ICE) Program aims to develop more globally integrated, highly sustainable and productive priority industry clusters where MSMEs are heavily involved. DTI-ROG has identified eight (8) priority clusters which include – Bamboo, Coffee, Cacao, Coco Coir, Rubber (processed), Processed Fruits and Nuts, and Tourism Support Services (Wearables and Homestyles). Using the industry cluster approach, DTI will build alliances with relevant agencies and institutions to develop competitive and innovative SMEs, implement a program for productivity and efficiency and create conducive business enabling environment.

One Town, One Product (OTOP) Philippines is a priority stimulus program for MSME as government’s customized intervention to drive inclusive local economic growth. The program enables localities and communities to determine, develop, support, and promote products or services that are rooted in its local culture, community resource, creativity, connection, and competitive advantage. As their own ‘pride-of-place,’ these are offerings where they can be the best at or best renowned for. It endeavors to capacitate our ‘OTOPreneurs’ to innovate and produce market-ready products and services. The program has two major components. First is the OTOP Next Gen refers to the package of assistance provided to capacitate the MSMEs which primarily consist of product development initiatives, training, referral, and others with the goal of leveling up the products in the areas of design, quality, volume, among others. Second is the OTOP Philippines Hub ( which provides the physical and online channels and market access platform where OTOP products – especially those which has been assisted via product development – are showcased on a day-to-day basis.

Go Lokal! Store Project is a retail concept store showcasing quality and innovative Philippine products crafted, designed, and produced by the country’s MSMEs. It serves as a marketing platform for MSMEs to gain access to the lucrative local consumer market, and ultimately, to the global export market. It is an excellent marketing avenue provided for free by the DTI and its retail partners for MSME incubation, marketing, and branding. Go Lokal! Is an opportunity for MSMEs to go mainstream and test the marketability of their products without incurring the high costs of operating a retail outlet. By offering only products of quality, unique design and compelling narratives, it aims to inspire our entrepreneurs to level up and meet global standards. It is likewise a vehicle to discover emerging suppliers and new products with high market potential.

DTI-Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program provides assistance to Agrarian Reform Communities (ARCs) and other communities across the country. The assistance comes in the form of establishing MSMEs, training and seminars, feasibility studies, market development activities, and consultancy services.

Regional Interactive Platform for Philippine Exporters (RIPPLES) Plus Program is designed to expand the supply base of globally-competitive Philippine products and services and increase international market shares by extending strategic company-level interventions such as capacity building trainings, product development, market information, global product trends to participating companies to make them export-ready, and to enhance their export capacity and competitiveness.

The DTI Facebook page at also gives updated MSME programs, activities and projects from time to time.


Ms. Imee Segua


TESDA Online Program (TOP)

Grants / Loans

TESDA Scholarships are available for OFWs and dependents they will be provided with 160 per day of training allowance.

Online application for scholarship at


Region 4A

Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program
Contact Person: Lyn A Fernandez, Sr. SRS, TO-TTC SETUP and GIA Community Based Projects
Contact Number: 049-536-5013

Program Leader: Director Jose B. Patalinjug III
Email add:
Tel: 02-85198702


Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SET-UP) 2.0

DOST Assist in the following:

  1. Technology Needs Assessment
  2. Access to and Acquisition of Appropriate Technology SET-UP
  3. iFund – Training and mentoring to be provided for free
  4. Acquisition of Appropriate Technology
  5. Capacity Building and Technical Assistance
  6. Consultancy and Advisory Services
  7. Product Development, Calibration and Testing
  8. Information System and Technology Solution

iFWD PH Program (Innovations for Filipinos Working Distantly from the Philippines Program) for 100 OFWs, prioritizing those that were displaced due to the pandemic crisis. The Program was launched last Friday, May 29, through DOST-Philippines FB page.

The program is composed of 2 phases, Phase 1 for Capacity Building, and Phase 2 for Innovation Funding up to a maximum of P 250,000.00
(1:1 counterpart funds also required to be provided by the OFW). Qualifiers for Phase are those who completed Phase 1 and with a good business plan.

Holistic Assistance Package:

  • Capacity Training on Business Core Skills
  • Access to DOST Technology
  • Packages and Training Modules
  • Access to and Sessions with Technology Based Entrepreneurship Advisors
  • Networking and Linkages with SET-UP Adopters

OFWs for iFWD PH shall be provided with close advisory sessions with business experts and technical assistance to improve product and process concepts.

Contact Person:
Program Leader: Director Jose B. Patalinjug III
Email add:
Tel: 02-85198702

Grants / Loans

iFWD PH Program

Phase 2 for Innovation Funding up to a maximum of P 250,000.00 after completion of Phase


Region 4A

Ms. Cefronia Majuelo

Ms. Evangeline Pangiligan

Counseling / Mentoring

  • Psychosocial counseling
  • Recovery and reintegration program for trafficked victims
  • Assistance to individuals in crisis situation
  • Assistance to individuals in crisis situation (AICS)
  • Food, transportation, medical assistance, burial, communication and education


  • Reintegration Program for Crisis Return
  • Sustainable Livelihood Program
  • Capability building and skills training


Assistance to individuals in crisis situation

  • provides 3k grant for affected individuals


Justice Francisco P. Acosta (Ret.)
Secretary and Chairperson
Tel.: (02) 8552-4775


Project Management Division
Director Marita D. Apattad
Tel.: (02) 8552-4734

Erwin Paul S. Cristobal
Emigrant Services Officer II / Project Officer
Tel.: (02) 8552-4737


Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino (LINKAPIL) Program

Project Management Division
Director Marita D. Apattad
Tel.: (02) 8552-4734

Erwin Paul S. Cristobal
Emigrant Services Officer II / Project Officer
Tel.: (02) 8552-4737

The program is designed to facilitate donations from overseas donors (individuals/organizations) to fund projects in the Philippines in the fields of education, health & welfare, small-scale infrastructure, livelihood assistance, and skills training.

Beneficiaries in the Philippines may send project proposal or request for assistance to the CFO thru its Linkapil program for evaluation and endorsement to potential overseas donors. The overseas donors will consider the endorsed project/s and will provide the requested funding.